joi, 1 aprilie 2010

What a day! 1-0 Inter v CSKA :(

27 w / 10 l / 1 c -> +11.92 m.u. (hit%: 71.05)

HB Køge v Randers FC, Randers FC @ 1.75 (gb), stack 3 m.u.

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark." For more arguments, please read this.

O.K., just a joke dedicated to April 1, Randers proved to be a different team in the second part of competition and drew twice and won twice to AARHUS and ESBJERG. Now they will play away to the weakest team from the league and their chances to win and add 3 points in their struggle to avoid relegation are very real! The odd for away win dropped from 2.20 at the opening to 1.70-1.75 now.

Home United v Geylang United, >2.5 @ 1.60 (gb), stack 4 m.u.

I reiterate my consideration for all those who choose to contribute by clicking an add or two from my blog.

Benfica v Liverpool, >1.5 @ 1.40 (gb), stack 5 m.u.

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