miercuri, 28 aprilie 2010

So glad ZERO-team is out

56 w / 36 l / 3 c -> -0.12 m.u. (hit%: 58.94)

Persipura Jayapura v Changchun Yatai, >3.5 @ 2.20 (gb), stack 6 m.u.

Aparently a big stack on a risky bet having in mind these two have nothing to fight for, both are out the competition. But Yatai is a decent team while Persipura is the weakest team I've ever seen. First match h2h ended in 9-0 for Yatai.

Beijing Guoan v Kawasaki Frontale, >2.5 @ 1.95 (gb), stack 4 m.u.

A match with a huge stack, naming here the qualification from this group, Beijing Guoan has 7 points and Kawasaki 6, the 2th and 3th place in the group. First match ended 3-1 for today host team so they will aim to get at least one point from this, which is enough for them to mathematically go forward, but Kawasaki Frontale will die in the field to revenge that unexpected defeat at home.

FC Bunyodkor v Al-Wahda Abu Dhabi, < 2.5 @ 2.40 (gb), stack 2 m.u.

This one has a stack, Bunyodkor won away 2-1 with a goal in 90'. They need 3 points today and also hope for Zobahan to accomplish the victory. Tight game I see here (like Yoda in Star Wars :) )

Isner J. v Bellucci T. [Games HC] 3:0, 2 @ 1.95 (gb), stack 3 m.u.

No comment, it seems that these comments brought bad luck. :)

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