vineri, 16 aprilie 2010

Wawrinka lost 4-6 4-6

43 w / 17 l / 1 c -> +26.84 m.u. (hit%: 70.49)

Dulgheru A. v Vinci R. [Result After 2nd Set], 0:2 @ 2.80 (gb), stack 2 m.u.EDIT: Dulgheru won first set in tb!

A risky one, but I watched Dulgheru in the last two matches and to be honest I don't really know how she managed to win in both of them. Today she will meet in form Vinci, I hope Vinci will give her a lesson how to be constant.

I usually avoid combo-s latelly, but here is the exception:

Woodlands v Gombak United >1.5 @ 1.22
Switzerland [U18] v Sweden [U18] 2 @ 1.28

France [U18] v Japan [U18] 1 @ 1.35
final odd: 2.11 (gb), stack 3 m.u.

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