marți, 4 octombrie 2011

Inverting Profit/Loss color

44 w / 45 l / 6 c -> +1.30 m.u. (hit%: 49.43)

Bars Kazan v Metallurg Magnitogorsk < 5.5 @ 1.87 (gb), stack 2 m.u.EDIT: 4-1

Big pressure on both teams since they lost their last two encounters. More pressure I think it's on host team because they lost to poor (at least, on paper) Yugra (new promoted this year). Both will try not to loose this one which means they will play very prudent, so low scoring for me in this one.

Neftekhimik v HC Yugra >5.5 @ 2.15 (gb), stack 3 m.u.EDIT: 2-5

Statistics says h2h ended 3 of them in over (4-3, 4-2, 6-3) and one in under (3-2) but this under was 1 goal close to over too so I think when those two meet they play openly and an over match here.

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