luni, 16 mai 2011

The bottom of it

180 w / 206 l / 10 c -> -125.32 m.u. (hit%: 45.45)

MAN Sea Eagles is the favorite today, but it is hard to predict the winner in this one since host team is without victory in the last three games played at home and fan's pressure is enormous. So based also on their eager to win and also on the good shape visitors are I will bet on an over here, statistics also prove my bet, let see if happen. A good preview you'll find here.

GC Titans v MAN Sea Eagles, >38.5 @ 1.90 (gb), stack 4 m.u.EDIT: 12-16

Oudin M. v Medina Garrigues A. [Total Games] >18.5 @ 1.85 (gb), stack 3 m.u.EDIT: 3-6 1-6

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