miercuri, 15 decembrie 2010

GL to Steaua at Napoli!

247 w / 257 l / 15 c -> -147.95 m.u. (hit%: 47.59)

Ice hockey, World Championships U20:

Croatia lost to Denmark two days ago 3-12 (?!?). I cannot see any way of improving their "style" in just two days, so I expect a new heavy defeat today in front of Austria:

Austria (U20) v Croatia (U20), >11.5 @ 1.85 (gb), stack 6 m.u.

Kazahstan lost to Austria 2-5 after leading the first period 1-0, and Lithuania lost to host team Slovenia 3-10, so I think it will be a clear victory for Kazahstan, I go for over here:

Kazakhstan (U20) v Lithuania (U20) >7.5 @ 1.90 (gb), stack 5 m.u.

Football, AFF Suzuki Cup:

Malaysia v Vietnam, >2.5 @ 2.00 (gb), stack 9 m.u.

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