vineri, 1 octombrie 2010

NaPoliSH I hate the most!

177 w / 185 l / 9 c -> -143.60 m.u. (hit%: 47.70)

This is UEFA article about Steaua v Napoli I wonder UEFA what match have seen to describe it like this.
In 2004, Marcin Borski has been promoted in the first league since he was at Zaglebie Lubin, and after that relegated for numerous fixed games.
In 2005, Borski had been beaten by GKS Katowice fans because his decisions favorized Odra Wodzislaw. Borski ended that game, run away and locked himself in the locker room. In that match there were 4 red cards and 9 yellow ones!
In 2006 transcripts were published about this referee related to enormous coruption scandal from Polish futball. Borski has been declared inocent in springtime 2009.
This at least questionable referee has been delegated by UEFA in an official match, Steaua v Napoli and ruined Romanian team by all means!

Söderling R. v Golubev A. [Total Games], < 20 @ 1.85 (gb), stack 10 m.u.

Avangard Omsk v Dinamo Riga [Away Team Total Goals], >2.5 @ 2.20 (gb), stack 8 m.u.

Universitatea Craiova v Universitatea Cluj [Home Team Total Goals], >1.5 @ 2.10 (gb), stack 6 m.u.EDIT: 2-0 from 11', as easy as it is!

Dinamo B. v Otelul Galati [To score/not to score], Otelul Galati to score @ 1.70 (gb), stack 8 m.u.

Hannover 96 v FC St. Pauli [Home Team Total Goals], >1.5 1.85 (gb), stack 6 m.u.

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