miercuri, 22 septembrie 2010

Romania won against Norway in handball

171 w / 176 l / 9 c -> -139.07 m.u. (hit%: 48.03)

Chela J.I. v Greul S. [Total Games], >21.5 @ 1.95 (gb), stack 4 m.u.EDIT: 6-1 6-0, for Greul it was a trip this tournament, nothing else.

Vagnozzi S. v Chardy J. [Total Games], < 19.5 @ 1.85 (gb), stack 4 m.u.EDIT: 2-6 4-6, a logical result, finaly

Riba P. v Cuevas P. [Games HC] 3.5:0, 2 @ 1.85 (gb), stack 4 m.u.EDIT: 1-6 1-6, second logical result, maybe a little bit dramatical

Today 4.00 odd bet:

Gombak United v Etoile FC, Gombak United @ 4.00 (gb), stack 4 m.u.

Etoile was on first place in SLeague until yesterday win of Home United at Tampines so they will try to win today too in order to regain first spot. This means they will risk in today match and Gombak is a team that can take advantage of this (they won at home on 07.04.2010 with 1-0 against Etoile).

Alaniya v Gornjak Uchaly, >3.5 @ 2.90 (gb), stack 4 m.u.

D1 against D3UP, only a cup competition make this possible or a friendly match. Since this is the first, there is a stack in this match, so I think high scoring also, especialy from Alaniya, a decent team although they promoted recently.

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