miercuri, 7 iulie 2010

Holland won, I expect Germany to qualify

118 w / 110 l / 6 c -> -112.60 m.u. (hit%: 50.42)

Poland [U17] v Canada [U17], Canada [U17] @ 2.45 (gb), stack 3 m.u.

Poland is overrated here because of that huge victory against Germany who won to Canada in the first match, but Canada played better and better and today I think they will cause much trouble to Poland than odds might suggest. Statistics for this encounter can be found here.

Parra Santonja A. v Llagostera Vives N. [Total Games], >20.5 @ 1.85 (gb), stack 4 m.u.

Pennetta F. v Stephens S. [Total Games], >17.5 @ 1.85 (gb), stack 3 m.u.

Stephens beat Brianti, a decent player imo. So I see a 6-3 6-3 here, I hope I am right.

Woodlands v Singapore Armed Forces, 1 or X @ 2.74 (gb), stack 2 m.u.

Yesterday Albirex Niigata won away against Etoile 1-0, who wouldn't dare to bet on that?

Very uninspired today so far, 12 m.u. lost, I will try to recover.

3 m.u. from this one:

Germany v Spain, 1 or X @ 1.50 (gb), stack 6 m.u.

~4 m.u. from this one:

Chakvetadze A. v Dulgheru A. [Total Games], >20 @ 1.85 (gb), stack 5 m.u.

~5 m.u. from the last one for today:

Anderlecht v CFR Cluj, Anderlecht @ 2.10, stack 5 m.u.

If all three goes right, 3 + 4 + 5 = 12 m.u. recovered. Good luck!

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